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Dipalicious Nails

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Reusable + washable silicone cups for dipping and pouring nail powder with fewer messes and less waste. The wider opening allows for easier dipping of longer nails and makes a great catchall when applying dip using the 'pour over' method.

The flexible silicone makes it easy to pour your powder back into the jar. Perfect for all those small jars of dip in our collections!

Useful to hold alcohol for cleaning nail art brushes or water for soaking water decals.

Easy to clean.  Dishwasher safe, wash with warm soapy water or wipe with isopropyl alcohol and let dry. 

Comes in 2 sizes and 2 color sets

Full Set 1: pink, orange, yellow

Full Set 2: purple, blue, green 

Mini Set 1: pink, orange, yellow

Mini Set 2: purple, blue, green 

Approximate Dimensions

Full size measures: 2.75" top diameter, 2" bottom diameter, 1.4" H

Mini size measures: 2" top diameter, 1.25" bottom diameter, 0.87" H

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