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Flakes + Polish Bundle
Flakes + Polish Bundle
Flakes + Polish Bundle
Flakes + Polish Bundle
Flakes + Polish Bundle

Flakes + Polish Bundle

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18 Free Polish and Chameleon Chrome Flakes are perfect for creating chrome nail art without a UV light. 

Apply it over dip powder for a quick mani update.

Encapsulate it in Clear Dip Powder for a longer lasting look.

4 Piece Bundle Includes:

0.2g Indium Chameleon Chrome Flakes

18 Free Polish - Little Black Dress

18 Free No Smudge Top Coat - Glossy

M Clear Dip Powder (.5oz by volume.  Requires Dip Liquids.  Sold Separately.)


Flakes+Polish Bundle Instructions

1. Start on prepped natural nails or on buffed dip powder.

2. Apply a thin layer of 18 Free Nail Polish in Little Black Dress. Let 1st layer dry 1 minute. Repeat. Let 2nd layer dry 30 seconds or until semi dry.

3. Using an eyeshadow applicator, gently press Chameleon Chrome Flakes onto polish until desired coverage is achieved. A little goes a long way.

4. Seal in Flakes with 2 coats of Smudge Free Top Coat. Let dry 2-3 minutes.  Stop here for quick and easy mani changes. Avoid washing hands for 2 hours for best results.

OR Continue to Step 5 for a longer lasting look.

5. Apply a nice even layer of Dip Base/Top Coat to the nail. Be sure to cap the edges.

6. Dip into Clear Dip Powder, Tap and brush off excess. Repeat once only if needed.

7. Apply Activator. Time 1 minute.

8. Shape and buff nails only as needed then re-apply Activator. Time 2 minutes.

9. Apply a quick light handed layer of Dip Base/Top Coat or Easy Dip Top Coat, picking up liquid with each stroke until nail is covered. Time 30-60 seconds. Repeat with a slower more detailed 2nd layer.

10. Let dry for 3 minutes + Enjoy!

Dip Powder Application Instructions

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