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Some fun for your manis! The Mylar Glassware Collection is a line of mylar shreds for nail art. Similar to glitter in material, they’re sheer, iridescent, color shifting and look amazing over bare nails or different base colors. They can be applied to the whole surface for a shattered glass, crystalized look or just layer a few pieces to enhance other nail art.

Encapsulate them with Builder Gel, Base Gel or Clear Dip PowderFinish it with a shiny or matte top coat!

Comes in a .25oz jar filled by volume.  About 2.5tsp per jar.

Choose from 8 individual colors or buy the whole set through the drop down menu.

MG1 Glass Ceiling- white/green/pink

MG2 Stained Glass - pink/yellow/orange/blue/purple

MG3 Sunglass - orange/yellow/green

MG4 Spyglass - dark green/teal

MG5 Sea Glass - teal/green

MG6 Looking Glass - blue/green/gold/purple

MG7 Glass Slipper - indigo/blue/light green

MG8 Shattered Glass - purple/blue/orange

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jamie S
Amazing Collection!!!!

Mylar Balloon was spectacular. So spectacular that I needed to order the entire set. Going to use these in tandem with other colors to add shimmer and glitz. Love them. They make my nails feel so fancy. Awesome product to try and thrilled I ordered the collection!!