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18 Free Air Dry Nail Polish.  Water based. 12ml. 

Peel Off Base Coat provides easy removal without acetone.  Nails last between 1-7 days depending on placement and how many layers are applied. Perfect for changing manis and accent nails often giving you more chances to wear all your colors!

How to Use: Apply 1-3 layers of peel base depending on your needs before beginning your polish or dip service. The more nail coverage and layers of peel base used, the less time the nail enhancements will last.  Allow each layer to dry completely before adding a layer. Use heat to speed up the drying process.

CAUTION: This is not intended to replace gel or dip base coats.  You still need to apply the appropriate base coat for your nail enhancement after allowing the peel base to dry.

Peel Base Removal: Peel or rub well with isopropyl alcohol or polish remover.

Nail Enhancement Removal: File the edges and gently wedge the tip of an orange stick or cuticle pusher in the space between the nail and the enhancement until it releases from the nail. Never remove your nail enhancements by force, it can cause damage to the nail and peel layers off the top.

Ingredients: Polyurethane-1, Propylene glycol, Hyaluronic acid

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