Aurora Chrome Dust - 5 colors

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Pure Aurora Chrome Dust. 0.5g each 

Aurora chrome dusts deliver incredible shine with sheer color shifting effects. Burnish them over different base colors for different looks. Swatches shown over white and black bases. Different base colors will yield different results and a little goes a long way! 

Best when applied over No Wipe Top Gel, then seal it in with another layer of No Wipe Top Gel.


Choose individual colors from the dropdown menu.

Green Magic 0.5g pen: green-teal-blue color shift

Purple Magic 0.5g pen: purple-pink color shift

Unicorn Magic 0.5g pen: gold-pink-green color shift

Selenium 0.5g loose powder: sheer terra cotta tint, blue-red color shift

Rhodium 0.5g loose powder: violet-olive brown color shift

*Due to differences in structure, chrome dusts and flakes of the same weight may look different in the jar.  All chromes are filled by weight, not volume.

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