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162 Ethereal (thermo)


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162 Ethereal (thermo)
162 Ethereal (thermo)
162 Ethereal (thermo)

Color Family: Purple

Powder Type: Thermochromic, Luxe Flakes

Part of The Galaxy Collection.

Thermochromic Color Changer:

Hot = sheer with flakes.

Cold = black with flakes. 

Chameleon flakes with a purple, pink + teal color shift.  These flakes melt right down making them easy to apply. Shown with 2 layers.


Dip powder application requires...

Step 1&3: Dip Base/Top Coat and Step 2: Activator 

with an optional Easy Dip Top Coat

Sold separately.

Application and Removal Instructions


S - .25oz jar by volume.  Holds up to 5 manicures depending on nail length and coverage desired.

M - .5oz jar by volume.  Holds up to 10 manicures depending on nail length and coverage desired.

L - 1oz jar by volume. Holds up to 25 manicures depending on nail length and coverage desired.

*Please read each description carefully before purchase.  We do our best to represent each color as true to life as possible.  Colors you see may vary depending on your monitor settings and lighting. 

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